Written by Holly Reddish.

bonjangles 2

Just off the base of Steep Hill you’ll find Mr Bojangles – a shop which offers a huge vintage spectrum from Victorian pieces through to mid-twentieth century clothing and accessories.

The shop is run by Mark Goddard who has been working with vintage and antique clothing for over 25 years.

With a history working at antique markets, Goddard took advantage of the premises being put up for let and he subsequently set up Mr Bojangles in 2006.

Vintage has become something of a trend in recent years and Goddard realises that it may not last forever.

He said: “There’s a bit of a vintage bubble at the moment, but the people that always buy vintage are looking for the 1940’s and 50’s stuff, and that’s who I cater for.

“I don’t stock 1970’s and 80’s items because you can find them in charity shops, I get my pieces from antique markets – it’s all genuine.”

Despite the fact that the clothes are from the older end of the vintage era, everything in the shop is in great condition.

Goddard continues: “If it’s a Victorian piece, it’s going to have some damage, but that’s an antique, all of the vintage items are immaculate.

“You can’t match the quality of vintage clothing on the high street without paying a lot more for it.”

Vintage shopping is a great budget-friendly option for students and Goddard certainly appreciates the effect of the student population on the city.

He said: “Before the university, Lincoln was still a bit of a market town without much going on, but the students give the place some much needed vibrancy.”

With high street fashion changing faster than ever, vintage shopping is a great way to avoid becoming a fashion slave.

Goddard explains: “Vintage pieces have a longevity to them, so you aren’t buying something one week and throwing it away the next, which comes back to the quality of the pieces.”

If you’re looking for something truly unique, Mr Bojangles not only stocks items you won’t find in your average vintage shop, but well-chosen, quality pieces that will last.