Becky Otter, holding a torch (Photo: Jasmin James)

An annual event that celebrates people’s lives will take place again in Lincoln on November 24.

Becky Otter, holding a torch (Photo: Jasmin James)
Becky Otter: “It’s the river of flaming torches that captures my breath every year” (Photo: Jasmin James)

The “Light up a Life” parade, hosted by St. Barnabas Hospice, is an opportunity to remember lost loved ones.

“It’s about individuals walking together, sharing memories as they walk, talking to people around them and realising that they are not alone,” says Becky Otter, Events Manager at St. Barnabas Hospice.

The celebration itself features a 6pm service at Our Lady of Lincoln Church in Cabourne Avenue, during which time candles will be lit for both friends and family.

A torchlight procession, starting at 7.30 pm at Clayton’s Sports Ground on Lee Road will then head on to Lincoln Cathedral, where the Tree of Life will be lit.

According to Ms. Otter, the procession is “great in that it re-unites communities, whatever their walk of life”.

“It would be very dull and very sad if we did not have this event,” she continues.

Asked what makes the event special in itself, Ms. Otter says that there are very few comparable ones across the UK.

“Other hospices are starting to dip into them, but nothing as big as ours,” she says.

Light up your Life services will be taking place across the county though the procession itself is unique to Lincoln. 1,200 people are expected to attend.

When asked how people taking part in the celebrations might benefit, Ms. Otter says that she “thinks it helps them through the grieving process, allowing them to go on and celebrate Christmas.”

“A lot of tears are shed on this night, but they are happy tears,” she concludes.