Danyal Khan reports.

After The Linc exclusively broke that Craft was due to close at the end of last year, it was also reported that they’d be replaced by a French brasserie, Cote.

The move to Lincoln by Cote seems quick after Craft’s closure at the end of October, however Josie Price, the marketing manager of the new Cote opening in Lincoln, said it has been a long process, which ended with deciding to add a bar to the location.

Cote is set to open next month.
Cote is set to open next month.


“By my standards (the move), it was pretty swift, but it takes a long time for us to find a site,” Mrs Price said.

“We are really picky where we open, and we take a long time to decide on the property, we like a nice building with character but the site in Lincoln will be quite different.

“We are going to put a bar in, which has not been done before. It is to make best use of the space, and we wanted to do something different, so people can come in downstairs, sit down have a drink, then progress to upstairs.”

Mrs Price also believes Cote will appeal and be affordable for the student population of Lincoln, reminiscing to when she was a student: “Our prices are really good value, you get fresh food and the price point is very good.

“You can have two course for £10.95, you can not do that in many places and we are not too premium even though we have a high end feel.

“I am really hopeful we offer something really popular to students, I used to like to eat out when I was a student, and I liked to go somewhere that was welcoming and affordable, I think we can do that.”

If Cote has wet your appetite, you can check out their menu here.