Every year we’re promised a heatwave as the summer season approaches, but the reality is often quite the opposite. Aoife Daly tells us what we can do if we don’t have such a sunny summer.

Photo: Gabriele Diwald/ Flickr.
Photo: Gabriele Diwald/ Flickr.

Although the sun does manage to appear during the holidays, the typical British weather of rain and wind seems to come into play more often than not. But instead of sitting at home daydreaming about ice-cream on the beach, why not keep yourself entertained during the colder days by trying something new?

Theatre treat
Lincoln is full of artistic culture, with a variety of plays and performances being held at many different theatres and venues across the city; the Drill Hall, the Theatre Royal and the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre (LPAC). If you’re a student, you’ll get a discount at LPAC, so why not pay it a visit?

Glamping goodness
Indoor camping, or ‘glamping’, is a great way to get the family together, or a fun getaway for a group of friends. Not only do you get to explore nature and have some bonding time, but you also get to avoid sleeping outside when it’s chilly – bonus!

Treasure hunt-tastic
For those with children, why not consider having an indoor treasure hunt to keep the little ones entertained? It’s quick and easy to set up, and can include hiding small prizes, such as chocolate or sweets, and writing up a map and clues for them to follow. And, if you’ve not got little ones, it’s the perfect excuse to re-visit your younger days!

Film festival
Organize your own mini film festival or cinema night, including your current favourites and ones you are yet to see. This is a great way to get family or friends together for a few drinks, with popcorn and blankets to keep you comfy when the weather is less appealing.

Spa satisfaction
For those looking for some alone time, there’s the option of a spa day. If you’re not up for spending a lot of money, simply buy the products yourself and relax at home, with scented candles, bubble bath and a few face masks.

Museum magic
Museums and galleries are a great way to learn about the history of your city, and escaping from the rain outside. Lincoln has amazing history, and bad weather just gives you a good excuse to explore it! The Museum of Lincolnshire Life and The Collection are two great options.

Cooking creativity
Putting together a cook book and learning new recipes is great as it’s not just fun, but will almost certainly come in handy in the future. Grab a notepad and get experimenting!

D.I.Y deluxe
From simple friendship bracelets to classy home décor, Pinterest is full of great ideas that are not only easy, but look great around the house. Hacks and D.I.Y is a massive trend on websites such as YouTube and Buzzfeed, often being made from basic household supplies, which means cost won’t be an issue.

Games galore
Think back to your childhood and play some old school games – hide-and-seek, blind mans bluff and the floor is lava aren’t just fun for kids – student flats or family homes are basically meant for this type of fun!

Rain ready
Lastly, why not embrace the typical English weather and have fun in the rain? Get your welly boots on, let your hair down, and enjoy what nature has in store!