British summer might not be here in full just yet, but festival season sure is, and Zhenya Nikolova knows all about how to make the most of it.

Photo: Global Panorama
Photo: Global Panorama

Let’s be honest; as exciting as festivals can be, they aren’t the most luxurious of events. Most of us are often so buzzed to be spending a weekend away full of camping, music, fashion and friends, we forget about all the Festival must-haves. To help you deal with the unpredictable weather and all the challenges we face when we decide to spend three nights out in the nature, here are some tricks and tips for a smoother and safer weekend.

The obvious…
A tent, sleeping bag and blankets – it gets a lot colder at night than you think it does, so don’t forget to grab a couple of blankets and warm jumpers.

Pillow case
Instead of carrying pillows around with you, just bring a pillow case and stuff it in with some big jumpers. You can also make use of it at the end by putting all your dirty clothes in it and separating it from the clean – if there is such a thing!

Portable phone charger
A lot of you have probably been advised to replace your iPhone or Android with a cheap, old Nokia, but how many of us would actually leave our beloved smartphones at home? (We need Snapchat and good quality photos – duh!) However, amazing as they can be, their batteries are sure to die after a few hours, and leaving your phone at a charging place isn’t the safest thing to do and it’s expensive. The best way to avoid this is making sure you get yourself a portable charger.

Bum bag
No seriously, get yourself one! Not only are they super trendy right now, but they are so handy during such events.  It means you can avoid carrying your valuables around, and your money, phone and ID will be a lot safer than if they were in your back pocket.

We know you can’t wait to show off your new festival outfits, wear fancy hats, put flowers on your head, and stick the denim shorts and wellies on, but let’s not forget the essentials. Dry shampoo, wipes, toothpaste, an unscented bar of deodorant (which also stops mosquito bites itching) are some of the must-haves during a festival weekend.  Top tip: always try to have a hair bobble on your wrist.

The same goes for you too – perhaps except the hair bobble! Don’t forget to bring more than one pair of clean socks, loo roll and the magical paracetamol.

You can’t take alcohol in?
Sure you can! They say you are only allowed cans, but why not get creative and replace your mouthwash bottle with some vodka and cranberry juice, or instead of water, fill your bottles with vodka and lemonade?

Picking the right spot
As soon as you arrive, pick a good location which is easily accessible and easy to remember. I’d also advise you to choose a landmark so when you lose your friends, you have a place where you can meet.

Go food shopping beforehand. You can’t rely on the burger vans alone, because the queues are always massive. Why spend £10 on a burger and a drink when you could just go to your tent and have some decent lunch? Obviously it’s nice to treat yourself once or twice to some big, fat, juicy burger, but it’s nice to have an alternative.

Choosing what clothes go with what shoes and accessories can be very irritating when you share a tent with 4 or more people. So, before you leave, have in mind what outfits you are going to wear each day instead of trying on (and not being able to see how it looks) in your tent, as that can be very stressful. Make sure you have checked the days and times your favourite artists are playing, so you don’t miss a thing and can have the very best weekend possible.