Autumn has arrived and brought with it auburn leaves and warm cosy jumpers, so why not add plaid to your list of necessities for this season?

Plaid – or flannel shirts as they are also called – can be found in almost every high street store or charity shop if you wanted one second hand at a cheaper price.

It’s the perfect item for feeling comfy and stylish at the same time, so you can lounge about and feel cosy as well as go out and feel chic. Everyone’s wearing it – even celebrities.

You may love flannels, associate them with hipsters, or maybe they remind you of lumberjacks, but regardless of your feelings towards plaid it has been cemented as a mainstream fashion staple for years.

Photo: Olivia Peace
Photo: Olivia Peace

Is it the genderless quality about plaid that makes it so popular and appealing?

Or maybe it’s because it’s so versatile, timeless and goes with everything. Well maybe not everything, but the majority of things. Any coloured jeans, ripped jeans, dungarees, shorts and skirts, you can even wear it as dresses, blazers and cardigans, and the list goes on.

Plaid is an umbrella term for lots of different styles like: glen, tartan, window, check, houndstooth, gingham, tattersall and madras plaid to name a few, so there’s a big chance you’ll own at least one item. All have a different history but can be worn in the same practical and fashionable way.

It’s the perfect attire for autumn and it’s easy to wear if you’re in a rush. So, if you are late for a lecture or just going to meet a friend for a coffee, it can make you look cute and casual without much thought or effort.

It also adds extra warmth to save you shivering on a cold day. So whether you go for the rolled up sleeves and tucked into your jeans look, the baggy over-sized plaid shirt accessorised with a scarf, or the plaid tucked over a jumper look you’ll still be snug AND stylish.