A group for mature and postgraduate students at the University of Lincoln is relaunching this week.

Photo: Vikki Chambers
Photo: Vikki Chambers

The Mature and Postgraduate Students (MAPS) group of the University of Lincoln aims to give a voice to those older than the average ‘college-age’ student, and to provide opportunities for them to network and socialise.

MAPS is headed by Subash Chellaiah, the Chaplain of the university, together with the postgraduate officer Bradley Allsop and the mature students officer Vikki Chambers.

They will meet twice a week for lunch time drop-in sessions, starting this Thursday from 1pm in the Atrium, in the Minerva Building.

Bradley Allsop, SU postgraduate officer, told The Linc: “Students’ Union activities are sometimes more aimed at undergraduate students. We [postgraduate students] are still human beings, we still want to socialise and want to get the most out of univeristy”.

He added: “For the community on campus in general it’s important that we have more people interacting and more social spaces – that’s when exciting things happen”.

People interested in finding out more information can visit MAPS’ Facebook group here.