Photo Credit: Deborah Austin (Flickr)
Photo Credit: Deborah Austin (Flickr)

Suffering with acne-prone and blemish susceptible skin is an inconvenience that 99 per cent of teenagers and young adults frustratingly have to deal with.

Often brought on by hormones and stress, we stress about the spots caused by stress, causing more spots and creating a never-ending vicious cycle.


For those days when you’ve got a million and one other things to worry about other than skin imperfections or, if you’re the fortunate 1% with naturally unblemished skin but love a flawless look, here are five simple steps to help you achieve a full coverage base and pull off poreless and picture-perfect skin:

Many people overlook primer as a step we could do without, but what is the point in applying a full face of makeup if within an hour it’s gone? Well, that is what your primer is for! It acts as a base for your makeup ensuring it stays put all day. Some primers also offer other benefits such as pore-filling and mattifying the skin.

A personal favourite and student budget-friendly “primer” that has become hugely popular in recent months is Nivea Men Post Shave Balm– yes you heard me right. This stuff is like glue for your makeup.

In order to achieve a flawless base, no doubt you will be tempted to grab your favourite full coverage foundation and, if after one layer you have not achieved your desired coverage, then add another. Why apply less makeup when you could apply more?

If you’re still on the hunt for your dream foundation, an affordable option that also contains acne-fighting ingredients is Elf’s Acne Fighting Foundation. However, if you want to opt for a more luxurious option, Too Faced Born This Way has got you covered.

Photo Credit: Lauren Myers (Flickr)
Photo Credit: Lauren Myers (Flickr)

If after applying foundation blemishes are still visible, you can target those individual spots that are adamant on being noticed with just a dab of concealer.

The world of concealer, however, doesn’t end there: purple, orange and green (YES GREEN) concealers are going to help you disguise those imperfections.

With green masking redness, orange covering dark circles and purple brightening dull or yellow complexions you’ll be sure to look airbrushed and Instagram-worthy in no time. Even better, those bags under your eyes from too many late nights spent in the library (or a good night at Quack!), can be erased with a swipe of concealer.

Now we must be sure to keep those oils at bay, meaning powder is essential. Just take your favourite giant powder brush and apply powder generously to your entire face. To achieve that extra flawless look feel free to use a powder foundation (but beware of cake face).

Add a sponge and a dash of powder into the mix and you are baked! Baking is a more recent phenomenon that’s taken over the makeup industry. Baking is going to further brighten those under-eyes while a light dusting of the silky powder all over your face will help you stay matte all day. A holy grail product for many is Laura Mercier’s Translucent Loose Setting Powder. Although on the pricier side it is definitely worth the splurge!