Photo: Kat Northern Lights Man/ Flickr.
Photo: Kat Northern Lights Man/ Flickr.

University is the perfect opportunity to meet all kinds of different people, and that’s one of the best things about it. And although their individual quirks are a good thing, sometimes the same characters pop up, and here’s 10 of them that you’re sure to recognise.
The sports lad
The first to show off during Rugby trials, the sports lad is easy to spot. Usually seen messaging multiple girls on Tinder or shouting at the football match in the university bar, these guys should be your first port of call if you want a good night out. Sports, girls and alcohol are their priorities, with a little bit of studying thrown in somewhere along the way.

The passive-aggressive flatmate
Expect dodgy notes demanding you clean up, and fake smiley faces in the group chat while they berate you for keeping them up all night. Sweet as sugar at first, you’ll soon be rolling your eyes as they fake smile you into scrubbing the kitchen floor.

The hermit
You’d probably forget they live with you if it weren’t for the pile of dishes that occasionally make their way onto the counter top. You presume they’re doing lots of work, when in reality they just can’t be bothered to socialise. They may venture out of their room for food, but only once everyone else is out.

The constantly hungover one
They turn up to lectures in yesterday’s dirty clothes, eyes half open with their breath stinking of stale Jager. Never seen at their 9am lectures, you have to give them props for turning up at all!

The bookworm
You’ll probably fob them off as boring just because you don’t know how they manage to keep up with it all! They always seem to get their assignments done with time to spare, even when it’s deadline season and everything’s piling up. Some of them love to tell you all about it, which just annoys you even further.

The sheltered one
Ah yes, the one whose parents never took their eye off them back at home – well welcome to university! With newfound freedom comes independence, and they end up being the craziest of the lot. They’ll warn you not to tag them in any club pictures, but go out every day until they get bored and become a once-a-weeker like the rest of us.

The lightweight
Often a spin-off of the sheltered friend, they just can’t hold down their alcohol. They’re always loads of fun at parties until they drink half a cider too many, and you end up tucking them into bed while they sob about wanting chicken nuggets. It’s best to keep the vodka away from them.

The indie one
Edgy, grungy and just plain hipster; you learn to love their weird quirks. From rolled-up jeans and nose rings to vinyl players blasting The Smiths, they love pretending they’re in a different era. They may dislike your music taste, but they’ll always know the best places to go for that vintage denim jacket you’ve been after.

The gossip
Want to know who’s been sleeping with their flatmate or who’s been falling over in Superbull? ‘The gossip’ will always have time to fill you in, so they’re a good friend to have – unless, of course, it comes to you being the victim of one of their stories.

The promoter
They often start off as the hungover one, because they went to the club so often the owners gave them a job. Constantly shoving flyers under your nose, they promise you free Jagerbombs that you’ll probably never get. They may sound annoying, but really they’re great friends to have – think last minute queue jumps and spare tickets to those packed nights out. What more could any student want?