Bonfires, toffee apples and dazzling sunsets are pretty sweet – but the best part of autumn for me can be found lining the rails at every store on the High Street.

As much as the recent student loan instalment came as a blessing, its correspondence with a two for one sale at New Look and their October arrivals has only made it harder to budget.

This season it’s all about warm earthy tones, and any colour you’ll find on a leaf, you’ll find when venturing into clothing stores.

The colour mustard is a cult-favourite, and with only a few months left before winter, here’s this season’s best finds:


Mustard Yellow Suedette Biker Jacket – New Look – £39.99

Photo: Guia Alessandra Sole Cassanmagnago
Photo: Guia Alessandra Sole Cassanmagnago

You’ve probably seen this jacket quite a lot. I know I have at least anyway. This jacket has absolutely flown off the rails at New Look, and while I opted for this in grey, this mustard alternative was (obviously) the first one I tried on. Without a hood, and with suede not being waterproof, it’s fair to say its practical benefits are limited. But hey, it’s not actually winter yet, so a massive parka would be a little excessive. Allow this jacket to be the perfect seasonal transition, but make sure you invest in a good umbrella too!

Short Sleeve Sweater – Zara – £29.99

Tailored boxy tops have never been out of season, and by combining this trend with the convenience of a thick winter sweater or cardigan, this piece is truly a seasonal staple. Whether you pair this with casual light denim jeans for your afternoon lecture, or power dress for your 9am interview and match the authority of the top with some cigarette slacks, you’re almost guaranteed to feel as good as you look.

Leopard Poppy Tie-Back Camisole – Topshop – £16.00

Crop tops are not exclusively a summer trend, and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Just because it’s cropped, does not mean you need to show a lot of skin. While the colder months may push you towards long sleeves and cosy knitwear, that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate your favourite crops too. Midi skirts and high-waisted jeans are a perfect way to keep them seasonal. By shifting your waistline up a few centimetres, it can completely change the feel of your outfit.

Yellow Ruffle Sleeve Shift Dress – Missguided – £30.00

Out of the whole selection, this vintage dress is by far my favourite. With very little tailoring to its body, it somehow still manages to maintain an air of sophistication. Defining the waistline with a belt brings a degree of control to something that otherwise profits from its fluid uncontrollable shape. This dress is perfect for a date night or even just a casual weekend shop.

Photo: Theresa Brandal Sande