Ahead of the close of voting in the latest Students’ Union Elections tomorrow, The Linc has asked all VP candidates why they should have your vote.

Here is what the VP International candidates had to say:

Voting will close tomorrow. Photo: Lincoln SU.

Ali Salim Ali Al-Saeed

“My main point of my campaign is to get all the different cultures to get all together and build a unique experience under the sky of the University of Lincoln by having all year long events focus on showing unique points of each culture in a creative way that suit Lincoln. Secondly i want to get higher rate of voting next year and get all the students to engage more with SU activities. Lastly get the while university to make 7 green days having the vibes of Olympics which will get more students to engage with SU and promote for a healthier life for the students in general.”

Beatriz De Arcos Marin

“Sup people! I am Betty but some of you may know me as the current College officer of Social Science, I have been representing students for the last three years and I am ready to take it to the next level and take on new responsibilities!

As an international student I know the struggles that students face and by applying for this position I could give all of them a strong voice.

I have been working for a long time to close the gap between international and home students. I have currently proposed multiple plans for all students to have more opportunities to go abroad or to come to the UK as many schools do not provide them.

I have many things planned for the upcoming year and I am looking forward to doing all of them!!!

My promises are: to offer a welcome pack to all international students, introduction of International officers, work with internationalisation working groups to expand opportunities abroad for international and home students, trips around UK and events for both international and home students and a student buddy program. As you can see I am fulfilled with ideas to make everything better because # We Matter.”

Cigdem Elikci

“Hi, I’m Cigdem Elikci (Cici), 3rd year Media Production student.

My positive experience as an Erasmus student inspired me to permanently study here for my degree. I want to give back to the University that treated me so well.

We should constantly strive to improve our University in order to provide the best education and maximise the potential of our graduates, both international and UK by maximising the employability of graduates, building stronger community links between internationals and UK students and improving academic support for international students.

Integrating these into the Universities ethos would be beneficial for everyone.”

Maria-Eleni Stourgioti

“My goal in life is to always help people that need it, in any way possible. Currently, I am able to achieve that through the VP International position. I have taken volunteering jobs throughout the year with the SU, ranging from being a SU activator (as creepy as it sounds, I have already been in most of your rooms guys, I probably helped you move your stuff) to being the university’s mascot, Swannie, and helping set up events in the SU (I have probably tried to make you take one of the SU calendars, during fresher’s fayre, by pretending it was a chopstick, sorry about that..). Being an international student myself, I have a fair idea about what needs to be done and what students need.

However, other than students’ wellbeing, my main focus is help people socialise, for which I will be sure that monthly events and parties are being held for International Students, aiming to create a solid community.

Finally, I believe that one can evolve and become better by listening to others’ advices, so I will always be open to suggestions and my main priority will be you.

Vote for me and, I promise, I will make next year more fun for everyone.”

Sophia Liu

“Hi everyone, I am Sophia and I am the current VP International in the SU. In the past 6 months, there were over 850 attendances from International Students to the activities that I hold. Please have a quick look on what I have done in the last 6 months and what my plans for the year ahead with my manifesto.

What I have done: free University Hoodies for new international students. International welcome week: welcome party, campus tour, introduce sports & societies to international students. International Halloween party / Refreshers party. Trips to: Hull, Liverpool, London, Manchester. International Friend volunteer roles. Diwali celebration. International Bookshelf in the DCB. International Quizmas. Social activities – Indoor climbing etc. Chinese food in Tower bar during Chinese New Year’s week

What will I do for the year ahead: free airport pick up for international students, summer storage support, more social activities for international students: paintballing, ice skating, cycling etc. Employability support – International business on campus Fayre, fun sports competitions between international students, international and local students 1v1 Buddy scheme, you will have an international friend! Academic support – Grammar support (better connection with English language centre), international food Festivals, culture celebration, continue doing what I am currently doing with better communication to students.”

Thi Phuong Dung Tran

“Are you happy with your students life now? If you are not, we are going to make yours happy. If you are, we are going to make it even more wonderful!

I’m Gemmy. Back to what I have done, I organized so many events from academic to entertainment areas. Also, I like supporting people so listening to their problems and giving the appropriate responses are my passions.

Why should you vote for me #1 as VP International? If I am elected, you will get:

More events and parties to explore different cultures (food, sports, games, special festivals) and make friends easier. Especially, those activities are opened for everyone, home students and international students. Financial support. Studying support. Job opportunities (internship, work placement, part-time jobs). And yes, the current nice activities will be carried on as well. If you are running a society/sport, or you would like to create your own one, I’m here to support you! You love the ideas? #LetsMakeItHappen! A vote for me is a vote for you! You might want to find out more, check it out at facebook.com/gemmy.vpinternational. GEMMY, I’m here for VP INTERNATIONAL!”