Manifesto: Jae Joseph-Jeffrey (VP Activities)

Jae Joseph-Jeffrey

Before even looking at courses, I remember searching for societies and activities at different universities and getting ridiculously excited deciding what I wanted to check out and join. For me, being active and involved is massively important and I’m pretty sure it can make or break your university experience.
It’s for this reason that I want to be the Vice President of Activities for the next academic year. Too many people float through three (or more) years at university; alone, un-involved and without getting all that they can out of their time.
Having been at here at Lincoln for three years now, I’ve seen the SU grow leaps and bounds; student involvement has risen and the number of activities is growing year on year; but there is more to be done. From talking to the leaders of sports/societies, members and also drawing from my own extensive experience there are various areas that could be improved for a smoother more valuable Student’s Union experience and I’m certain I can bring about positive change.
As VP Activities I plan to:
• Reduce wait times on simple tasks for activities such as, membership list requests, balance inquiries and kit logo approval
• Increase help and support for new or smaller activities; such as non-BUCS or non-every-week-BUCS sports
• Positively increase the profile of Lincoln’s sports and societies among the university, the community and across the UK
While those are some of my main objectives I’d like to improve communication to and from the SU and increase student involvement with whole-university events. My goal is to see each and every student engaged in some way and getting the absolute maximum out of their time at Lincoln through whatever interests them.
I am so passionate about our university and the student body and I feel how the SU is run plays an important role in our lives and time here. This passion and drive makes me an ideal candidate. I’m friendly, cheerful and approachable which I feel are essential characteristics for this role. As well as organised and efficient I’m a great listener and my biggest asset for this position is my proactive nature which will command and ensure change.
All the candidates are going to list their skills and virtues but what really sets me apart is my in depth knowledge and experience with the SU from ALL aspects. I’ve been a member of sports AND societies and can represent both with equal insight. I’ve also had experience as a club Vice President and Social Secretary, a Course Rep and with other events and volunteering with the SU.
If you want someone fearless. Someone who believes in action, in handling a situation and in getting the job done: then I’m the one you need to vote for. I will do everything in my power to bring about the positive change needed for activities and for a successful and eventful Student’s Union.

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