Since becoming AU Sports and Teams Officer in June, Chris has been busy attending BUSA Award ceremony’s and British University and College Sports training courses. But what does he have planned for this year?

His main project will be to create a ‘Superstars’ event where you have sportspeople from different sports competing in different sports such as 100m and athletics. “We’d have teams from the societies competing and although we don’t have an athletics track, we can do penalty shootouts and basketball free-throws etc,” said Roberts.

As well as creating events for the Athletic Union (AU), Roberts has also been promoting the AU to the university. “We’ve been winning the leagues, going up in the AU rankings from 74 to 60 so I want to let the university know.”

Roberts is also hoping to encourage an AU council which will act as a forum for the university’s clubs and societies. “If you have an argument between two teams about sports centre times or something similar, it wouldn’t be fair for me to make a decision because they both have a fair case. “We’re being more democratic and developing the AU council so they take it there.”

He also wants to implement an AU tour over Easter which is likely to be in either Spain or Italy. “It won’t be for everyone because we’re limited with the sports we can play over there, but we’re hoping for a good turn-out.”

Roberts also encourages Fresher’s to get involved with the Athletic Union. “Sign up for as many things as you want. If you’re a football player and a badminton player, sign up for both. “Even if you’ve never played before but you’ve always wanted to play rugby league or hockey, sign up for it and get involved in the society.”

By Hayley Cook