The University are giving away sports bursaries to athletes who represent Lincoln in their recognised sport.

Head of Sports Development, Robin Wright, hopes that this will raise the profile of the University after a successful first year. “We want to raise the quality of performing student that comes into the University through sport. For instance, we have had national and international players come here and that heightens the profile of the University and also provides other students who work alongside them, something to aspire to.”

He also insisted that the bursary is not strictly a cash-driven incentive for athletes, with the bursary also offering mentoring and gym membership in order to aid the athlete in their sport. Head Mentor, Dan Bishop, said that last year this system helped Rachel Rogers climb up to second in the British Rankings for the Trampoline.

“Rachel was quite well established in the kind of thing she was already doing, but she had a few issues with her psychology in the way she approached competitions and confidence in her own ability, so one of our colleagues, Richard Keegan, worked with her and changed her approach to competitions and gave her the support she needed.”

Students do not have to be studying a sports-related degree in order to be eligible for the grant, last year a golfer studying architecture made the cut and a mature student studying nursing made the European Masters.

“It’s very common for someone studying something other than sport to receive the grant. What we’re really looking for is an ambassador for the University so they can represent Lincoln in sport as a student.” Application forms can be found at the Student Union or the Sports Hall.

By Stephen Rudd