It’s a worrying reflection on American society if a “pitbull with lipstick” masquerading as the voice of the average mother can get within reach of the most powerful job in the world.

That’s right, it’s Sarah Palin. The woman with a welcoming smile, but a demonic twinkle in her eyes. A ‘pro-life’ candidate, Palin takes her anti-abortion message to the extreme. Even in the case of incest or rape, Palin views abortion as an “atrocity”. A somewhat sickening viewpoint, yet apparently this resonates with many people across middle America.

It’s interesting how someone claiming to be ‘pro-life’ is a competent moose hunter and a supporter of capital punishment. She’s a devout Christian. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought the fundamental principle of Christianity was forgiveness? Quite where capital punishment fits this ideology, I don’t know.

Interestingly, perhaps her Christian ethics weren’t heard loudly enough at home. Well, daughter Bristol might have missed her message, but her son Track certainly didn’t. He’s about to go and fight in Iraq, in a war Sarah Palin described as “a task from God” – a line more suited to 11th century crusades.

In one sense, I actually admire this woman. She has managed to get close to a powerful job with a total lack of experience and understanding. Aside from her city councillor role, she has had just under two years in state government. She got her first passport in 2006, so diplomacy on an international level goes out the window. She is a creationist, and believes it should be taught alongside evolution in schools – need I say more? Well I will…

I don’t know if you’ve ever watched her speaking publicly but she’s good. It’s easy to see, for those who want to, that she is reciting memorised script, carefully crafted word by word, with little understanding of the meaning behind what she is saying.
But, her delivery is good; sometimes that’s all it takes.

This despicable woman means war. With a concoction of religious fanaticism and political naivety floating around her brain, Sarah Palin being one step away from huge military and political power would probably mean a less safe world.

4 thought on “Sarah Palin: The War Creationist?”
  1. Sara Palin views abortion as an atocity even in cases of rape or incest. I wonder how she views children in the middle east who have died as a result of bombings from aircraft? Does she view them as collateral damage? When was the last time anyone heard her or McCain use the word diplomacy?

    I would also love to ask her how many native american indian eskimos she has appointed to key positions as mayor of Wasila or governor of Alaska? How many black afro americans as well. She is quick to criticise Barack Obama for being just a measy community organiser, she on the other hand was a big time (elites) governer of Alaska with far more expience. Someone needs to remind her that the same Jesus Christ, the one she professes to worship, was an organiser and Pontis Pilot was a governor.

  2. Apparently scientific community less than pleased over off-hand comment about funding for ridiculous little pet projects like fruit fly research in France. Stand behind comment as is well-known fact that fruit flies do not suffer from autism and therefore cannot be used by IDEA.

    After all, God wouldn’t have given us monkeys if He’d wanted us to experiment on fruit flies. Mentioned this to John and was told never to mention word ‘monkey’ again. Heard him mumble something about keeping “those crazy Creationists” on our side. Was insulted. Just because we look more like monkeys than fruit flies is not support for unproven theory of evolution.

    Love yah!
    The Secret Diary of Sarah Palin

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