“Lincoln have the potential to do big things,” says incoming University of Lincoln Athletic Union (AU) president Chris Farrell. He hopes that next year will be the best year to date for the university’s sports teams and he harbours big ambitions.

“It is my job to sit with the teams and discuss their yearly goals, and work ways to which they can stick to them. Hopefully this time next year I can be proud that we have done the best we have ever done,” said Mr Farrell.

Mr Farrell has has high hopes for the golf and football teams, who have been successful this year.

“[The] golf [team] are the only team in the premiership elite league this year. So I feel they will have a good season. Both [the] football and rugby [teams look] good to [gain] promotion.”

Horse riding and squash are also tipped to bring some good results, while the hockey team “will always do the university proud” and you should keep your eyes on them. Off the field he believes the AU needs a new structure and better organisation, and outlines his aims ahead of the new sporting calendar.

“A new AU structure is needed,” he said, in addition to better organisation and re-assessment of the old ways of the AU. “I’m looking to improve sports and teams progress in the BUCS leagues and increase the status of University of Lincoln sport to be seen by all other universities.”

Mr Farell is looking to “increase the status of the Athletic Union by reorganising such things as the website. [He will] try and distribute funds fairly, however we are struggling for money due to the recession. [The AU needs to] work [in] new ways with teams to gain those extra fund and improve all sports.”

He says he will recognise the needs of both big and small teams, and increase the number of coaches for the university’s teams. More advertising and better use of Kitlocker clothing are among Mr Farell’s aims as well. “[We need] to advance sport development within the university and its importance to its students.”