I must begin with an apology. Starting with Daniel Hutchinson I wanted to see whether the full-time officers had completed any of their manifesto pledges.

For a number of reasons this didn’t happen, mostly because I didn’t have the time.

I still think that this is important. The six full-time officers for the 2008/09 academic year were paid as much as £18,461. Two of them, Dan Windross and Maria Yesufu, faced no competition in the elections.

Below you will find the pledges made in each of their manifestos. The full documents are linked at the bottom of the article, and they contain more details than this list.

Can you see anything that you think has been done well, or poorly? Let us know in the comments.

The pledges, summarised:

Kayleigh Turner:

  • A 24-hour library.
  • Wednesday afternoons free for “enrichment activities”.
  • Spend more time fund-raising.

Dan Windross:

  • “Improve the communications links between the Students’ Union and the students.”
  • “Assist … in creating a (sic) good and beneficial publications such as the Student Handbook.”
  • Set up a “media centre”.

Maria Yesufu:

  • “Open access” for students to university facilities, like the Emmtec & LPAC buildings.
  • “Better efforts” to “integrate international students or students from different backgrounds.”
  • Support for new societies, “rather than a first come first served basis”.
  • Printing credit for societies.
  • Raise more money as part of RAG.

Vicky Wieczerzynska:

  • Continue work on sexual health and anti-bullying campaigns.
  • Improve relations with the West End Residents Association.
  • ‘Increase awareness of’
    • Recycling facilities.
    • “Getting home safely in the evenings.”
    • Alcohol abuse.
    • Disabilities.
  • Set up a “Welfare Campaigns Committee”, that includes students.
  • “More integration between students” at different campuses.
    • Including better transport from the Engine Shed on certain nights.
  • Increase availability of GUM clinic.
  • Free pregnancy tests for some people.

Chris Roberts

  • “Constant communication with different teams and individuals” to “improve all university sport.”
  • “More support for less established and new societies.”
  • Gym discount for team members.
  • Make the tri-society games an annual event, and hold similar events between societies.
  • “Make better use of the Tower Bar.”
  • “Have Sub-TV in the Tower Bar.”
  • Transport for team supporters to “key matches”.
  • External training and coaching for teams.
  • Sporting tours “for all our societies”.
  • Set up a “Sports Committee.”

The full manifesto documents, for academic year 2008/09:

Kayleigh Turner
Dan Windross
Maria Yesufu
Vicky Wieczerzynska
Chris Roberts

By Rob Wells

Rob is a third-year journalism student at the University of Lincoln, and is originally from Leicester. He also writes on his website.

9 thought on “SU: Broken promises?”
  1. Hello, we don’t get paid that much btw. Good idea to have this though. I look forward to seeing what’s written.

  2. I think I did quite well… the 24/4 Library pilot was more of a 24 hour library than we’d ever had before and also there are plans for a follow up next year if finances allow in the struggling economic climate, but the plans are there.

    I have continued pushing for all Wednesday afternoons off but with limited building space its hard for some courses, specifically science ones, to have the opportunity elsewhere for the classes to move. So I’ll admit defeat on that one for now.

    I have worked hard with RAG this year on various activities, in particular sitting in a tent for 24 hours and raising hundreds of pounds in the pouring rain.

    And I wish I got paid £18,461… that looks like that we get paid plus all the employer national insurance contributions that the Union pays on top of our allowance. Least its not as ridiculous as LSE Students Union sabbs getting paid £27,000+ per year.

  3. Vicky & Kayleigh –

    Thank you for your responses.

    The figure for officers’ pay comes from the SU’s budget. This lists each full-time officer as receiving £18,461 in “Pay” and £1,200 in “Non-pay” (except for the welfare officer, who apparently gets £1,500 in “Non-pay”).

  4. Non pay is the “Pay – Employers NIC (National Insurance Contribution)”, it may be different on the accounts you see as to how its listed on Agresso (our finance/budgeting computer program) for the staff in the Union.

    My “pay – gross pay” budget this year is 16,783. Vicky’s is more because her tax got messed up at the start of the year I think so we had to pay more due to that.

  5. I would like to publicly thank all of the officers for their support through out the year. They have all helped RAG in many different ways and for this, RAG is truly thankful. Well done all of you on your hard work this year.

    P.S.: Where is Daniel’s manifesto?

  6. Mine is probably shown more because I have a slightly higher allowance for travel because I am obviously the main liaison for Hull, Holbeach, Riseholme and Cathedral. So are you writing an update on what we have achieved… and when will it be up as we finish tomorrow?

    I’ll give you a quick brief breakdown of each point…

    Continue work on sexual health and anti-bullying campaigns- have working with FACE FACTS (Chlamydia screening) with over 900 self-tests been done from University students.

    Improve relations with the West End Residents Association- worked with community (more Carholme Forum which covers WERA) on student issues- i.e. noise, litter, and have helped with the organisation of the Community Gala which will take place in Sept… Also, sit on Alcohol related violent crime working group and am student representative for Pubwatch (if needed).

    Done many many many campaigns on all issues.

    Set up a “Welfare Campaigns Committee”, that includes students- small pilot, had sign up at freshers, facebook group (C-Force) but I know Steve wants to make this bigger and better! :-)

    “More integration between students” at different campuses, including better transport from the Engine Shed on certain nights- Have spent a lot of time with Riseholme students (FE and HE) and had extra transport on Tues evenings and Sat daytimes as requested at Student Council.

    Increase availability of GUM clinic- extra saturday clinic once a month, pushed chlamydia testing also.

    Free pregnancy tests for some people- I have pregnancy tests but have always advised that the student attends the doctors or family planning clinic and that these tests are incase she cannot afford to buy one or is extremely worried and wants to take one asap.

    Hope that helps.

    Oh, and also we were on £16,684 until December then it changed to £17,519. And FYI, I still haven’t had my taxes sorted out.

  7. Vicky —

    Thank you for your response.

    This is our final look at the 2008/09 team as, unfortunately, we simply didn’t have the time to do it as thoroughly as with Mr Hutchinson. Because of this, I feel it wouldn’t be acceptable to publish anything that fell short of that standard.

    Obviously now the time has passed, and we can but wish the former team the best in their future endeavours.

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