Darkness engulfed parts of Lincoln when power cuts hit the area on the night of Sunday, January 17th.

A fault with an underground high-voltage cable under Carholme Road at around 8.50pm cut power to about 2,000 homes in the Lincoln area. E.on, the company responsible for supplying the city, diverted power around the fault and managed to get power back to 1,200 homes within 45 minutes. The rest were left in the dark for two hours.

Street and traffic lights went out. Some residents walked along the street with torches, while others let off fireworks.

A spokesman for E.on said: “It’s always the priority to get the lights back on as quickly as possible. Now all we need to do is go back, actually dig up that section of cable which has got the problem and replace it with a nice shiny new piece. That will happen within the next day or so.

”Hopefully [the power cuts] weren’t too inconvenient, and our apologies if they were.”