We are thrilled to announce that 2010 presents a fresh start for Twisted magazine, which is now part of The Linc. The new magazine will be called The Linc Magazine and will come as a glossy, colour supplement to our newspaper.

Alex Colman will be spearheading The Linc Magazine, which will accommodate The Linc’s formidable Culture, Lifestyle, and Style sections. Our experienced editorial staff will breathe new life into the magazine, while the news, sport, and opinion sections will expand to fill the space left in the newspaper.

The Linc Magazine will present the reader with 24 glossy pages which will enhance the entertainment features and do justice to The Linc’s brilliant photographers.

The extra room will allow for more detailed and investigative lifestyle features, more from culture, more photo-shoots, and more fashion and beauty articles. Twisted’s editorial staff have become part of The Linc’s team.

The first issue of The Linc Magazine will be launched with the next printed issue of The Linc, at the beginning of March. You will be able to find it across the Brayford Campus and at selected locations in the city. You can also read its content online at www.thelinc.co.uk, where the Culture, Lifestyle, and Style sections regularly post new stories, alongside our news and sport coverage.

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