An easy summer style to pull off, “Americana” consists of a simple colour palette: red, white, and blue. So if you bought into the nautical trend last season, you will already have some items you can recycle for this season’s Americana style.

For an obvious and show-stopping Americana look, echoing Lady Gaga’s look in herTelephone” music video, Topshop have a pair of flag print hotpants” for £32. They’re a statement piece that will stand out from the crowd, and manage to match feminine with a high-fashion feel. It’s best to pair this style of shorts with a basic top, to avoid looking too over the top.

Another great way to tap into the Americana look is to wear denim – and lots of it. As you should already be aware, double denim is a huge look at the moment, so it’s easy to get a good grasp of. You’ll find everything from denim jumpsuits to denim shirts on the High Street, so take your pick and get creative.

If you want the full Americana look, work with red, white, and blue, or NYC t-shirts. Topshop come to the rescue once again, with their NYC dance crop top for £14.

In the spirit of the all-American look, take inspiration from Abercrombie and Fitch’s tan coloured handbags. An Abercrombie one will set you back around £200, but you can get one as little as a fiver from New Look. Their woven side handbag has gone from £16 to £5, and is a great summer investment. Even better, it gives you that American college look.

To mix your home-grown British patriotism with the US trend, Accessorize do a set of four earrings, two with the Union Jack and two with stars and stripes. So go patriotic and stylish at the same time, and complete the Americana look with these affordable earrings at £6.

Americana is an easy and fun style to experiment with this summer, so take inspiration from the catwalks and American designers, and let your creativity run wild.

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