Lincolnshire Day, a day to celebrate the county’s heritage and attractions, took place on October 1st, with a series of events throughout the city.

October 1st marks the historic Pilgrimage of Grace, which saw the common townspeople congregate to convey their distaste of the incumbent king Henry VIII in 1536.

Events ranging from a food tasting at Lincoln County Market to a Lincolnshire military heritage exhibition at the Museum of Lincolnshire Life and several other festivities took place on the 4th annual Lincolnshire Day.

People still feel Lincolnshire’s history should be celebrated. Gillian Pearson, from Walcott, provided a delicious array of cakes for the County Market and feels that Lincolnshire Day “promotes everything that [Lincolnshire] has to offer”. She also remarked that the event helps to “bring back what has been forgotten”.

The day attracts a wide range of people, not limited to those from the county itself. Ms Yvonne from Ermine West commented on Lincolnshire’s appeal outside of Britain: “Lots of people visit the cathedral and markets, even those from France and Germany.”

She also suggested that Lincolnshire has an “enduring appeal”, saying that she has “moved away before” but will “always come back”.