With Christmas looming just around the corner, hundreds of fashion conscious females will be flocking to the high street for the perfect party dress.

As for many occasions, the Little Black Dress is on most shoppers’ agendas, but in Lincoln, bolder colours are being pushed.

The independent boutiques in Lincoln are all stocking a range of party dresses, in exciting colours that are a refreshing change from black. Lucie Powis, owner of Ruby Red, says that shades of orange seem to be very popular at the minute, but emphasises the importance of making wise colour choices. “Not everyone can wear that sort of tangerine colour,” she explains.

If you’re looking to pick up on the velvet trend being pushed by major retailers such as Topshop, the independent boutiques may not be the place to go. Lucy explains that at Ruby Red velvet “hasn’t been popular”, and they therefore are only stocking one style.

Instead, the rails of Ruby Red are packed with more traditional materials, and classy, “off the shoulder” cocktail dresses. Lucy says that “anything with one sleeve or off the shoulder” is a hit with customers this year.

Between them, Ruby Red and The Spinning Wheel have a wide variety of off the shoulder Lipsy dresses in “peachy, pale colours” to break away from black this season. But if you’re bound by tradition and still aren’t convinced by ‘frosty colours’ then Birdy’s Boutique has collection of LBDs to choose from, all with a little added glamour, perfect for Christmas.

Below are examples of just some of the vast range of party dresses available on Lincoln’s high street.