Audrey Hepburn once said: “When I put on my silk scarf, I’m never so confirmed that I am a woman, a beautiful woman.”

For as long as the fashion world can remember, the silk scarf has been a fundamental accessory for women, playing an important role in adding an element of sophistication to an outfit. But if you’re wondering when’s best to flaunt the elegant piece — there is no time like the present.

Whilst other winter garments are limited to their uses, the silk scarf can be worn in several ways. Whether it is around the neck, wrist, or the strap of the bag, the multi-purpose accessory cannot be more tied in with Autumn/Winter essentials.

The slight and smooth texture of the scarf deems it a perfect accessory hanging loosely around the neck to accompany a trench coat and leather boots.

However, it seems many are bored the conventional use of the scarf, and in Lincoln many people are embracing the more adventurous ways of wearing it. Whether tied loosely around a vintage leather bag to brighten up a minimalistic outfit with a touch of colour, or around the waist as a belt. They are also being wrapped around the wrist in the place of jewellery or as a hair tie to mirror the iconic 40’s look.

Niki Harris, a 19-year-old media production student, is has embraced the many styles of the scarf.

“With my bank balance at the minute I really have to try and find items that are practical and that I can mix and match on a regular basis. Silk scarves really live up to this. I am continuously finding further ways to wear mine, and have hardly had it off since buying it!”

Sophie Stanley, a second year fine art student who lives for creativeness, likes to display hers a little differently.

“I often leave mine hanging out the pocket of my tapered trousers, it really finishes off a sophisticated look.

“They are fab to wear and you can really have fun with them, especially in weather that is completely unpredictable like the months we are in now.”

So if your budget is looking as bleak as the weather this winter, silk scarves are the perfect kick start to a multipurpose wardrobe to get you through to the January sales!

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  1. wow nice !!! favorite colors and styles, different shapes to suit different outfits. A scarf worn as a shawl will need to be larger than one you are planning to wear as a neck-tie.

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