Matt Baker, presenter of “The One Show”, rode his rickshaw in to Lincoln shortly after 10pm on Tuesday night to be welcomed by a large crowd of supporters.

Both students and residents from across Lincoln stayed over 3 hours outside The Engine Shed to support him at the end of day 5 of his rickshaw challenge. Baker was originally expected to turn up around 7:15pm but was having the toughest day of the cross-country ride so far.

The challenge sees Baker travel from Edinburgh to London on a rickshaw bicycle in aid of Children in Need and is expected to end his journey this Friday in time for the live show on BBC One.

On his arrival, Baker thanked the crowd for staying around to see him and joked: “You should all be sponsored for that!”

Eddie Pinion, 16, is a sixth form student from Lincoln who had turned up to support Baker. “We’ve been waiting for an hour, I want to support him because he’s done a brilliant thing so I wanted to do my bit,” he explained.

Josh Francis, a 2nd year journalism student, was one of the many people who had turned out with banners of support. He said: “There seems to be a good turnout a nice mixture of students and people from the city.”