With only hours left until voting closes in the latest Students’ Union Elections, The Linc has been talking to the two presidential candidates this year: Justice Ogbaburu and Kudzai Muzangaza.

Voting will close today. Photo: Lincoln SU.

After hearing from all VP candidates about their campaigns last night, the two presidential candidates told The Linc about their experience of the election process so far, their campaign and their priorities.

Each candidate gave a final plea at the end to those who have not yet voted in the elections with Justice saying: “You have the right to vote as a student but if you don’t vote, how are you going to get the best representative to represent you?”

Whilst Kudzai said: “It’s important to have a say on those people who are representing you… Having a good officer team who are strong, who know what they’re doing, is really important.”

Voting will close this afternoon and until then, you can read the full manifestos of all candidates this year on the Students’ Union website.

Tonight, make sure to follow our live coverage here on The Linc as the votes are counted and your representatives for 2018/19 are announced.