Ahead of the close of voting in the latest Students’ Union Elections tomorrow, The Linc has asked all VP candidates why they should have your vote.

Here is what the VP Activities candidates had to say:

Voting will close tomorrow. Photo: Lincoln SU.

Cassandra Coakley

“Hi, my name is Cassandra Coakley but everyone knows me as Cassie, I’m The current sports officer however working closely for overall activities on panels and I’m running to be VP Activities. For my campaign my main aims are making sure that anyone and everyone can join a sport/society no matter there age, sex, race. I also want to make sure that Sports and societies all get the same opportunities no mater there size or popularity.

I want to create a rehabilitation programme for injured members including physio, not wasting there membership and still feeling part of there club. Finally I want to create a channel where live sport games and society events can be shown and recorded, shown in student bars and accommodations including family and friends being able to watch from home. So vote #CassieCan for #1 VP Activities.”

Daniel Sheehan

“My campaign, #DANSYOURMAN, stands for a strong leader who wants everyone’s views to be listened to. Being inclusive is key to ensuring all students have equal opportunities to participate in societies. Being inclusive will come through the close work with the SU who shall provide support for the society presidents. This communication is vital, have a good relationship with societies will ensure all students are having their voice and views heard. For new societies, having events more than just fresher’s/re-fresher’s will drive better awareness of the society. I wish to utilize the SU website more effectively to include more forms of media to suit different students needs. It shall be used for societies to show case themselves with regular updates on their respective pages. And finally, I wish to make funding fairer for all, by being more efficient with the funding available. Whilst competition results are important, all societies should have the same opportunity to receive funding through more factors instead of competition. Greater funding and support for our non-BUCS teams and societies is key to keeping the positive work of the committees going. Vote for Daniel as #1 VP Activities to see positive change & you have your voice heard. ”

Laura Jane Gates

“My name is Laura and I’m running for Vice President Activities. As part of my manifesto I have four main points, these are: inclusion for all students, free social sport for everyone at University, not just sports teams/societies, improve focus on mental health by providing first aid training for committee members of sports and societies, cheaper gym memberships for sports team & sport courses.

Alongside these main points I want to be able to achieve better and more storage for teams and societies and finally I want to begin disability sport sessions, this links in to the ideas of inclusion by providing disabled students with more opportunities to get involved in sports as everyone should be able to have the same opportunities.

Sports form a huge part of the #WeAreLincoln ethos but I want to be able to expand this across all societies and get them more involved within the activities community by providing them with the same/similar funding opportunities as sports, as well as providing more events and exposure.

I want to be able to work closely with the community, not just in the University but across the city and the midlands to be able to provide activities with the best possible opportunities.”

Lauren Kathryn Spence

“Hi I’m Lauren and I’m running for VP Activities! My main campaign aims are- Firstly… better funding for both sports and societies looking at saving money by utilizing what we have. Also proactively looking for grants which our societies and sports teams are eligible for. Secondly. … Wider Connections. This is within the university and local community. As an SU we have so many talented and skillful students why don’t we showcase this more, use what we have as an SU more at our own events. Secondly working with venues, clubs and organisations who would be able to offer the SU further support by providing cheaper costs for venues, coaching, extra training/rehearsals. Lastly… equality in activities! Finding out why people don’t get involved in activities and trying to reduce those barriers, offering a more personalized approach to university life. Don’t sit on the fence #VOTE SPENCE number 1 for VP Activities!!!”

Rebecca Marrows

“I have shown my commitment to the Students Union over the last two years by being elected in several committees: both in sports and societies. Most recently, as the University of Lincolns Archery Club President. During this time, I have had to deal with losing our training facilities in October. Having experienced this ordeal first hand, I want to make sure this never happens to another club and society. We have several societies and I believe we should celebrate this. Most things are sports dominated, and societies can feel pushed into a corner. They are the unsung heroes of the SU and deserve to be recognized. This includes holding more events and competitions throughout the year, with participation from both mixing the teams up slightly. This is a great way for students to socialize more and come together as a community. After all committee members are volunteers and simply changing something so small will help a great deal. Some other manifesto points are :- Readily accessible funding and grants available for both societies and sports. More integration between sports and societies. Improving dashboards current functions and letting committee have more control. Fundraising calendar, available for all to see and add events. Smoother kit ordering process.”