Graduating Fashion Studies students from the University of Lincoln displayed their three years of work at the 2009 Lincoln Fashion Show, alternatively named Coming Into Fashion. The event took place on May 22 at the Engine Shed, where parents, friends, and fashionistas alike came to check out the latest collections.

This was the show’s second year, after last year’s much-praised event. Unlike last year, this show wasn’t as star-studded, but was presented by Judy Theobold, from BBC Radio Lincolnshire. The work of 27 students was shown this year, to over 1,500 guests present at the event.

Stacy Pearson’s adaptation of her “Circus” collection was very much something that you could imagine in high street shops. She captured the current look with an off-white, red-striped blazer over a high-waist peplum effect skirt.

Vanessa Mukasa’s “Metropical Deluxe” collection saw bright, afro-centric, and traditional ideas modernized. The audience got excited as the models seemed as if they had been injected with passion. They were fierce and made the clothes look great. Miss Mukasa said her inspiration came from “voluptuous flower shapes”,  and she wanted the clothes to be worn by all generations not just the “older market”. The shapes encourage curves with its “big smile and colourful sense of humour”, she said.

Anna Sui’s “Tribal” collection resembled similar modern silhouettes and ‘ikat’ prints. Lydia Whites’s “Seeing through summer” took inspiration from Christopher Kanes’s soft transparent cover coat, used as a type of overlay to a white bikini.

The next collection was the amazing “English Rose”, designed by Carmela Manta. This captivated the audience. The shapes were Victorian, with sexy demure shapes. There was no doubt that she has a great knowledge of designers and could easily be seen to have drawn inspiration from Giambattista Valli.

Katie Newsman showed the audience what fashion was really about when her collection walked onto the runway. Dark, mysterious, and almost sinister, it drew you in and made you pay attention. The pieces were contemporary art entitled “Toxic Mechanics”, and one could almost feel the clothes with their piercing texture and incredible innovation. Newsman used leather and feathers to create a stunning one-piece. The audience erupte with applause as this collection closed the show.


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  1. Congratulations to everybody involved in the sensational 2009 Fashion Show! We were welcomed by fabulous staff who escorted us to the VIP area for drinks and a chat with students prior to taking our seats for the main event, and boy what a show! The models were professional, the creations inspirational and the organisation of the whole event seamless. Representing the Hub, National Centre for Craft and Design I can honestly say we enjoyed every minute of the evening.

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