Fifteen years since its founding in 2006, local charity Acts Trust hosted a Murder Mystery Night fundraiser at the Lincoln Hotel on Wednesday to celebrate reaching the milestone.

Over 60 people attended the event, with all ticket proceeds going towards the charity with the goal to raise £1000 from the event.

Six suspects were revealed on the night, as the guests were put into teams tasked with working out who “killed” the hotel manager through a combination of evidence and discussions with the suspects.

The scene of the crime where the murder ‘victim’ passed away. Photo: Cameron Reid

Simon Hawking, CEO of the Acts Trust explained why they opted to choose a murder mystery despite it being the first time they had hosted one.

He said: “I think people really love their murder mysteries, people love a Sunday evening in front of the TV watching a detective film or going to the movies and watching the latest Poirot or James Bond we all love it.

“So, this was like an immersive experience where instead of just watching some players on the stage perform, you’re actually part of the story and you get to walk around and interact with people.”

The murder weapon was revealed to be an exploding bauble. Photo: Cameron Reid

Katie Kemshell attended the event and said: “It was great tonight, it was a bit different, and I did really enjoy it. It was nice to just go out and have lots of people together and get dressed up, which I think we’ve all missed, so overall really good fun.”

To celebrate its 15th year anniversary, Acts Trust is aiming for 100 people to give £15 a month which will help to empower the public to end poverty via donations.

The charity helps Lincoln through several projects like its foodbank, youth work services and night light cafes which aim to help meet the needs of people in the area while also empowering them to overcome root causes of poverty.

Despite the decorated Christmas tree, the mood was a lot darker due to the hotel owner’s “death” Photo: Cameron Reid

Simon summed up the charity’s ethos: “Our view is that anybody who is going through a difficult or challenging time shouldn’t have to face those problems alone and that is what Acts Trust is all about.”

If you’re interested in providing a donation or want to find out more, please follow the link for the Acts Trust website.