Christmas has arrived in Lincoln with the return of Thor’s Tipi bar.

Thor’s Tipi Bar has returned to Lincoln for Christmas
Photo: Jessie Perkins

The Nordic-themed bar is located near the Cornhill Exchange and is open until the 2nd January 2022. The bar doesn’t take bookings but walk-ins, including dogs, are more than welcome!

The bar is made up of two Tipi’s strung together, offering plenty of space to cosy up by the fire pit or, for more room, take a seat on the benches around the outside. To add to the Christmas ambience, the entire place is adorned with sparkling lights with an illuminated ‘Lincoln’ sign at the entrance welcoming guests in.

Offering a large variety of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, Thor’s Tipi is perfect for a winter tipple or a catch up with friends. Spiked hot chocolate seems to be a popular choice, with the bar offering sweet options from Karamel vodka to something a little more unique like Moose Alpine Spirit. The mulled wine is a tasty treat for these cold winter days- the perfect combination of Christmas spice and fruity wine really hits the spot.

Thor’s menu offering a variety of alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages
Photo: Jessie Perkins

If you’re feeling peckish, at the entrance to the Tipi is Yuzu street food. Delicious snacks that are quick and a bargain, are a delightful addition to this Christmas outing. The menu offers ‘Gyoza’, pan-fried dumplings which are ideal for a quick bite, or if you’re looking for something more filling the Bao buns are appealing, offering KFC and prawn flavours, as well as a vegan option. All this food can be enjoyed inside the Tipi and ordered from the QR code on your table.

If you’re looking for a place to warm up with a hot chocolate between Christmas shopping or fancy trying a festive cocktail, this is the perfect place to do so. Make sure to wrap up warm and get in early to experience the Christmas magic Thor’s Tipi has to offer.