Colour Correcting Concealer

Colour correcting make up seems to have been around for years but in recent months they’ve become really, really popular. BuzzFeed and Cosmopolitan are just two sites to have produced content on the subject in the last few months. But what’s the point of all this coloured concealer and what it is supposed to do? […]

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Style Through the Decades: Men’s 1950’s

World War Two had been over for a while, but only in the 1950s did we Europeans begin feeling like we could celebrate. Sure, Americans had been living it up for years, but now that rationing had ended and our economy wasn’t a total mess, it was time to join in.

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How to style yourself for an interview

Interviews come up time and time again at university. Whether it’s for work experience, part-time jobs or an internship – they’re everywhere. And with interviews comes the dreaded question of what you’re going to wear. So here’s our guide on how to dress to impress, without looking like you’re reusing your old school uniform.

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Vans have definitely hit the bullseye with this Toy Story collection

Vans are set to bring out a new collection of items inspired by the Disney Pixar Toy Story franchise.

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Winter jumpers you need to get

Payday may have been. Or, you might be absolutely broke from spending too much of your budget. But you will be okay, because The Linc have rounded up the perfect knitwear for you if you’re watching your money. Don’t worry, we have got you covered.

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

The aviator jacket: once a pilot’s attire now a must-have trend.

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Back To Basics

The fashion industry is a product of the modern age, at least according to Wikipedia. It is a distinctive and often constant trend in which a person dresses.

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Style Through The Decades: Women in the 1950’s

The 1950’s were one of the most happening decades in the world of fashion.

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Tote bags are the perfect university accessory

What was originally an eco-friendly shopping bag is now becoming more and more of a fashion statement.

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Why is Plaid so popular?

Autumn has arrived and brought with it auburn leaves and warm cosy jumpers, so why not add plaid to your list of necessities for this season?

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